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An expert direction of production know-how in handling multi platform rollouts for every campaign is where the journey begins with the right research, planning and direction towards a successful and effective communication. As such, we formulate strategies to catch the attention, deliver a commercially successful message or persuade the audience in the right direction to meet the needs of the business.

A/B Testing

Replay, reprise and compare to optimise ads according to business goals for conversions, lead generation, brand recognition and awareness.

Above the Line

Build awareness and brand goodwill across the horizon. Think national, think global, reach viewers across the nation over various networks.

Ad Tracking

Track the performance of an advertisement across channels that influence factors, such as the media, target audience, context/concepts or behaviour.

Attribution Marketing

Model events that lead to a sale or customer loyalty. Advertising campaigns to guide goals that create brand awareness.

Below the Line

Target specific groups of people or focus on groups to attain specific sales or conversion goals. Google adwords, telemarketing and a gamut of tools will let you achieve the desired results.

Brand Awareness

Think long term and increase brand loyalty with cause led campaigns to increase brand awareness and positioning to set base relations with customer base.

Call To Action

Call to action advertising will let you instruct your audience and buyers and boost engagement factors such as click through rates.

Cause Marketing

Champion the cause that your brand is associated with by improving your brand recognition in a positive way that shows your firm’s value.

Conversion Optimisation

Create, experiment, test and tune your ads and landing pages that result in customer purchases. This is a dynamic process tuned to address circumstantial changes.

Direct Marketing

Use the traditional and digital agents to communicate directly with your customer such as cataloging in emails, inserts in newspapers or bills and receipts.

Drip Marketing

Here is a way that will let you be associated with your customer base over a long period of time and communicate in small doses just like a drip. This involves targeting each customer with regular ads over a long period of time and thus gaining trust and building a long standing relationship.

Event Marketing

An offshoot of attribute marketing that involves sponsoring an event or event-within-an-event to reach a target audience and potentially benefit from publicity.

Influencer Marketing

One of the oldest forms of endorsement and an exponentially increasing market with the rise of social media content creators, this gives you a chance to reach a mass audience and build a persona.

Interactive Advertising

Advertising that uses interactive tools where your audience reacts with multiple sensory perception and is anyday more engaging. As such, a game featuring your brand will have far higher user engagement.

Long Format

Commercials that resemble music videos, magazines and features, short films and blogs that are intended for readers of a genre or media type gives you opportunity to converse at length with the target audience.

Moment Marketing

Amul in India is probably a frontrunner in this endeavour. People, in fact, wait for an utterly butterly take of the matters of the contemporary.

Native advertising

Blending ads that appear at the start or in between a consumable media like music video, podcast, radio programmes have a much higher rate in engaging eyeballs.

Persuasive Marketing

Engaging emotions, logic and values is paramount in pursuing interest, and this type of marketing addresses a long standing relationship with the users over constant presence in invoking the values and core emotions.

Product placement

Relationships with larger than life characters and on screen personas move masses like a shift in the tectonic. Thus placing products in films, pop music and mass consumed media eternalisse a brand.


Behavioural targeting technique that involves ad placement with users who have shown interest by visiting a site or establishment is a very important persuasive technique to escalate conversion rate.

Reverse Placement

Creating a product based on a famous fictional product or characters that have entertained masses is a safe bet to invoke a positive response. IKEA mimicking famous fictional homes like FRIENDS, Simpsons and Stranger Things.


If you can make your clientele happy there’s no better publicity than a satisfied consumer. Word Of Mouth advertising still is the best form of scaling and every strategy aims for this end goal.

Through The Line

A hybrid technique that employs both ATL and BTL elements of advertising to create mass awareness while simultaneously increasing and addressing the established customer base

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