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In the millennial year an idea cropped, and the very next year, a team came together to provide a window (of opportunity) that offers primal creative solutions, tailor-made to suit the how-tos of every business.

With over 20 years of established experience and a lifetime of combined knowledge, we at Teamworks make brands matter, speak their story, and stand-out in this complex, clustered and hyper-connected humankind.

Strategic Insights

Did you know that almost 200 million emails are sent out by marketers each year?
Did you know that 80% of them remain unopened?
Writing the perfect emails is an art. You need the right subject lines, design, copy, and more to attract your customers.
Otherwise, they'll straight away delete your emails without opening them - and unsubscribe!
Scary, right? TeamWorks knows how to help!
We aim to cross the Opening Rate of 20% and keep the Unsubscribe Rate below 0.2%.
In the last five years, the average percentage of people who read marketing emails and complete the action peaked in 2018, when it reached 18.49%.
But in 2020, the percentage has dropped to 15.11%, which is the lowest in this period. Our team of experts will help take your numbers game from the lowest to the highest!
That's not all! We can help you reach a larger number of people through personalized messages - with the help of chatbots!
Chatbot messages have earned an open rate of 70–80%, while the click rate ranges between 15% and 60%! Facebook alone has a click-through rate of 44%.
Our team is constantly working to stay updated with the latest developments in the industry of email and chatbot marketing - to ensure that every brand can make the best use of both.


Ready to spread the news about your business? At TeamWorks, we will show you the right way to reach your target audience with the best digital marketing tools. From SEO to ad films, from product messenger marketing to online reputation management - you can just leave it to us!

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